Saturday, December 18, 2010


Looker 1981 Science fiction-thriller movie about A Research firm's  bloody affairs Beautiful models are mysteriously murdered after being "done" by a plastic surgeon. He decides to investigate murders.... Visual effects & 3D computer graphics used in this film  Technologically ahead of its time

Film's music written  by Barry De Vorzon & 2 vocal tracks performed by Sue Saad later Kim Karnes recorded movie title song for "Voyeur" (1982) Album I think Carnes vers. better than Sue but  I like 'em. both and  finally Soundtrack out of print.

1-Track 1  (1:30)

2-Track 2  (1:41)

3-Track 3  (1:43)

4-Track 4  (4:26)

5-Track 5 (3:04)

6-Track 6 (8:35)

7-Sue Saad-Looker  (Main Title)

8-Sue Saad-High Wire



Anonymous said...

Hey thanks for this. Just watched the movie (yea it's 2011) and still touches something in me from 20+ years ago! Thanks Sue Saad!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I also have the 12" instrumental of Looker if you need it

Steve Marine said...

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! I have the two songs, but I have been looking for the instrumental score for a LONG time! Thank you!!!

PS: Anonymous, I would love a copy of the 12" Instrumental of "Looker"!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I've been looking for this like, forever.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this !!!!!!!!!!!!!

(please : the 12" instrumental)

sonnyazara said...

Thanks alot for posting this. I made a request for it today on another part of your blog. Sorry, I should have checked all posts first. Anyway great to find this. I'll be watching for the vocal track you noted in your replies. Thanks again.

TURKAOR said...

Also I ve upload Highwire on youtube

I cleaned it up of ,vinly noises, and I set the volume level A first version of the song was very bad